Osca Bouma

Through energetic treatments, I harmonize the energy within and around you, helping you experience a greater sense of balance and increased energy.

Feel more balanced and gain more energy with an energetic treatment.


How can I help you?

Whether you are seeking relief from stress, fatigue, pain, or tension, my energetic treatments will help you feel more balanced. 

vrouw die meer energie heeft na energetische reiniging

Personal clearing

Are you dealing with stress, fatigue, or negative emotions? Personal clearing can help restore balance by releasing negative energies and emotional blockages that contribute to feelings of stress, anxiety, and fatigue. These blockages create physical and emotional tensions that can lead to discomfort or imbalance in your body.

Discover how an energetic clearing session can benefit you.

Energetic house cleansing

Feeling uneasy in your own home without knowing the source of this feeling? An energetic house cleansing can provide a solution. By clearing blockages and negative energies, you can immediately feel better and more balanced.

Transform your home into a positive and energetic environment through an energetic house cleansing.

een huiskamer waar het heel rustig is

Why consider an energetic treatment?

An energetic treatment or energetic cleansing can help alleviate negative energies and blockages in the body and/or the environment. This can result in improved well-being, increased energy, better sleep, and a more balanced state of mind. Energetic treatments are suitable for those seeking a natural way to enhance their physical, emotional, and mental health.

Enhance balance

Experience more balance by removing negative energies and restoring a healthy energy flow in your body.

Gain energy

Gain more energy by clearing blockages in the energy flow of your body and restoring a healthy energy balance.

Greater peace of mind

Improve your sleep and experience more tranquility in daily life by addressing and balancing negative energy flows and blockages.

Create space

Create more space and freedom by eliminating negative energies. Achieve a safe and positive environment through an energetic house cleansing.

laat zien wie Osca Bouma is

About Osca Bouma

My passion for energetic treatments

My passion for energetic treatments began during my childhood when I was highly sensitive. I always wanted to please everyone and had a strong sense of responsibility. After a beautiful journey, I discovered the path of the compassionate heart, which made life much easier for me. I found balance and happiness, and now I want to assist others on their own journeys. 


Here's what people are saying about my work.

I received a wonderful energetic clearing for my new house from Osca! It's always reassuring when you move into a new place!

Review Sandra
About personal clearing
Osca identified the issues in my house that were blocking its sale. Although she didn't know the historical background, she could 'feel' and remove the obstacles. I highly recommend Osca if you are serious about maximizing the selling outcome of your property.
Icoon van Bart voor de review over energetische huisreiniging en zijn ervaring.
About energetic house cleansing
Osca provided a personal clearing for me, and it was a fantastic experience. I felt completely supported throughout the process, and it helped me release negativity and regain balance. Highly recommended!

Icoon van Hilde over persoonlijke clearing en haar ervaring met de energetische behandeling
About personal clearing